Branach Fibreglass Platform Ladders

Lightweight and easy to carry, this fibreglass, non-conductive step platform is ideal for use in the construction, maintenance, inspection, warehousing and building industries.

It is available in platform heights from 600mm to 3.6 metres with optional  split rear rail and split front rail if required. 


  • • Sturdy and durable
  • • Lightweight and easy to move
  • • Single action set-up
  • • Comfortable non-restrictive platform
  • • Complies with Australian Standard
  •      Standard Fittings:
    •     • Fibreglass stiles
    •     • Aluminium Rungs, treads and fittings
    •     • Non-slip hinged aluminium platform
    •     • Non-scuff rubber feet
    •     • Comfortable non-restrictive platform
    •     • Waist high fixed safety rail 900mm above platform. A fully enclosing safety rail and castors are optional

  • Models are..  part no.           Platform Height        Top Rail Height     Weight


                        FPW0.6            600mm                   1.5m                     12.2kg

    •                     FPW0.9            900mm                   1.8m                     14.0kg
    •                     FPW1.2            1.2m                       2.1m                     15.8kg
    •                     FPW1.5            1.5m                       2.4m                     17.6kg
    •                     FPW1.8            1.8m                       2.7m                     19.4kg
    •                     FPW2.1            2.1m                       3.0m                     21.2kg
    •                     FPW2.4            2.4m                       3.3m                     23.0kg
    •                     FPW3.0            3.0m                       3.9m                     26.6kg
    •                     FPW3.6            3.6m                       4.5m                     30.2kg

    ** FPW denotes wide platform version  (550mm). Also available in 450mm wide platform which weigh approx 10% less. When ordering accessories please specify platform width preferred.

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Product Description


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