240Volt Conduit Blowing Unit

Our 240V  1600W Duct Blower unit is ideal when site power is available or you have access to a generator (we recommend 3.3kva or larger) or other portable power source is available.

Standard accessories include a 5m airhose complete with camlock fittings, “Y” piece duct seal adaptor, duct seal off’s ranging from 20mm – 150mm.

If you are blowing duct on a regular basis, we can arrange a quote on a package that best suits your individual needs. We also have a rental unit available at a price that wont break the bank. (we hope!)


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Product Description

Two speed 240V x 1600W motor delivers constant air pressure for blowing conduits to 150mm diameter. The 240V Conduit Blower Can be purchased in a kit which includes blowing accessories such as bags, balloons etc, to suit your specific needs.

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