Galvanised Lace Up Cable Grip


Code  Cable Diameter mm / Grip Length mm           Tensile Strength
ATMS1014 14-19 / 400 9 kN
ATMS1019 19-28 / 500 15kN
ATMS1028 28-40 / 600 24kN
ATMS1040 40-55 / 800 35kN
ATMS1055 55-75 / 900 62kN
ATMS1075 75-95 / 1000 98kN
ATMS1095 95-120 / 1200 133kN
ATMS1120 120-150 / 1400 187kN


Lace Up grips can be used where the grip cannot be slid over the cable.  If a fitting is preventing a tubular grip from being used, this range allows the grip to be “laced” onto the cable at any point. 

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Product Description

Lace Up Grips are most suited to in-Line applications. They can also be used in the central portion of a hauling job to load share with a tubular grip. For cable diameters 14mm – 120mm

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