Galvanised Single Eye Heavy Duty Cable Grip

Tubular heavy duty graded weave stockings are designed to provide maximum grip, a higher tensile strength, and are suitable for bare or insulated conductors.

Code:                        Diameter/Length **                  Tensile Strength (kN)

HDGW08CS                8-11/700mm                                  28

HDGW10CS              10-15/750mm                                  37

HDGW15CS              15-21/810mm                                  57

HDGW20CS              20-27/1040mm                                73

HDGW27CS              27-35/1160mm                                101

HDGW32CS              32-37/1160mm                                101

** Custom made lengths are available




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Product Description

Highly recommended to provide maximum grip to high tension rope and conductor hauling. Supplied with copper cable strand guard and may be colour coded for quick sizing identification. For cable diameters 8mm – 37mm