H.V Pin Insulator Aerial Cable Roller

  • The vertical rollers are 40mm bearing type
  • The horizontal rollers are 50mm bearing type. (The extra diameter assists in keeping friction levels to a minimum whilst stringing.)
  • Large thread tension screw for faster fixing to insulator.
  • Moulded PVC pads at base to protect insulator and make rotating easier.
  • Retention flap to ensure the hauling rope is retained on rollers before stringing.
  • Lifting eye for raising/lowering roller from ground.
  • Adjustable to suit different insulator diameters. (76mm-112mm)
  • Load rating 250kg.
  • Product weight; 7kg

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Product Description

The All Trades high voltage pin insulator aerial cable roller is designed to clamp around the throat of the pin insulator. (76-112mm)