Non Conductive High Voltage Cable Grip

Code   Cable Diameter mm / Grip Length mm             Tensile Strength
HV335 3 x 35mm² / 800 25kN
HV350 3 x 50mm² / 800 25kN
HV370 3 x 70mm² / 800 25kN
HV395 3 x 95mm² / 900 31kN
HV3120 3 x 120mm² / 900 31kN
HV150 3 x 150mm² / 900 31kN
HV3185 3 x 85mm² / 900 31kN

These grips ar available with a Double or Triple PlyMonofilament Nylon Strand and
have an Alloy Ferrule and Double Soft Eye

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Product Description

Primarily designed  for use with High Voltage Aerial Bundled Conductor (ABC). Made in double or triple ply monofilament nylon strand, alloy ferrule and soft eye. For 3 x 35mm through to 3 x 85mm ABC conductor