Spill Kits

There are two types of absorbent material in these kits:

1. Envirosorb
“oil only spills” – absorbs hydrocarbons, oils but not water
Envirosorb products are manufactured from polypropylene. Polypropylene absorbs hydrocarbons but is water repellent (hydrophobic). Polypropylene absorbs diesel at 10 times it’s own weight and oils at 20 times it’s own weight. 

2. Unisorb
“universal spills” – absorbs hydrocarbons, oils, water-based chemicals and solvents. 
Absorbents for chemical spills are made of the same material as Envirosorb but the addition of a small quantity of surfactant (detergent) during manufacture allows the absorbent to absorb all liquids.

Truckers Spill Kit shown here.

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Product Description

Spill Kits are available for a variety of applications